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Fire Resistant Security Doors REI 90’/120′

All security doors are available with textures of your choice depending on colour and wood.

  • Door leaf with double shielding made by electro galvanized metal sheet.
  • Closed-type case self-powered H/B RAL 9005 grayish black matt.
  • Heavy-type hinges, silent, adjustable.
  • CISA lock with 3 keys and easy combination change.
  • Sheet casing & internal installation of fire resistant materials.
  • Controlled opening mechanism.
  • Automatically adjustable windshield.
  • Perimeter hose, insulating, refute in the case.
  • Heat-inflatable tape surrounding.

Locking Points:

  • 4 Locking bolts centrally.
  • 1 Locking tongue piston.
  • 4 Pistons laterally up & down.
  • 1 Piston vertical up.
  • 1 Controlled opening pump.
  • 5 Pistons firmly back.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONSCisa exit lock for panic bar