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Multipurpose Simple Storeroom Doors Locher  “MULTIPLAY

  • Single or double leaf metal doors.
  • Sandwich-type leaf made of electro-galvanized steel sheet 0.8 mm thick, 60 mm total thickness.
  • Heat insulating and sound insulating material inside (stone wool) weighing 90kg / m3.
  • Angle case made of electro galvanized steel sheet 1.5 mm thick, Z-shaped, with four “ginettes” on each side.
  • “Patent” type lock with predespotition for YALE cylinder.
  • Fixed piston on the side of the hinges.
  • Black colored knobs and lock “mouthpieces”.
  • Two hinges for single leafs, one adjustable for automatic closing and four for double leafs, two of which are adjustable for automatic closing.
  • Case and door panels painted with eco-coat (Woof) in RAL 7035 color.
  • Semi-balanced-leaf balancing latch for the double leafs.
  • Available in imitation wood.
  • Maximum dimension produced for single-leaf 1,350 x 2,690 mm and 2,592 x 2,690 mm for double-leaf.