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Fire-Resistant Heavy Duty Doors

“Girevole” REI 120′ door specifications

    • Double leaf large hinged heavy duty doors REI 120′ certified according to UNI 9723 regulation.
    • Sandwich-type door leafs, agglomerated by two pieces of sheet metal filled with stone wool of a total thickness of 73 mm.
    • Case type Z made of stranded metal sheet with ginettes for installation.
    • Roller lock on the main leaf.
    • Metal fire-resistant handles coated with black polish and plaques.
    • Secondary leaf with internal sliders up and down for stabilization.
    • Two large hinges on each sheet.
    • Heat-resistant tape at the edge of each leaf.
    • Metal badge certification.
    • Maximum opening 150ο.
    • Case and leaf with epoxy oven coating, turquoise paste (NCS 4020-B50G).
    • Recovery mechanism on each leaf.
    • Weight approx. 60 kg / m^2.