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Firerated Glass Doors & Windows
Form | Fire | Therm


The intelligent vrame profile system offers an impressive and uncomplicated system solution. It includes all  accessories for building doors and portals made from steel. Vrame combines all requirements relating to protective functions and heat insulating properties for both indoor and outdoor use. This reduces the number of special profiles for the user. vrame provides planners with a clearly structured portfolio for all functional and visual requirements in the field of architecture.


The sophisticated profile system for all door and portal designs.

Vrame is clever

The sophisticated range of systems covers all the essential requirements and therefore simplifies planning.

Vrame is compatible

The versatile profile system has been assessed by the leading glass and metal fitting providers and therefore offers maximum design freedom.

Vrame is easy to use

The sophisticated profile geometries form a complete unit with the relevant accessory components. This ensures simple and time-saving processing, thereby guaranteeing rapid project progress.