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Fire Security Doors


Fire Resistant Security Doors REI 60′ & REI 90’/120′

Fire Resistant Security Doors REI 60′

  • Unbreakable leaf made of of galvanized sheet metal with special hardness, with double shielding sheet and three intermediate vertical ribs in the shape of “Π” inside, filled with stone wool and fireproof plasterboard.
  • Case made of cold-rolled sheet (decape), 20/10 thick, painted electrostatically in brown color RAL 8017, with perimeter heat-resistant rubber.
  • Wood retaining profile, colored brown RAL 8017.
  • Hinges anti-seismic single with bidirectional bearings fitted internally, non-adjustable.
  • Safety lock with 5 movable 20 mm thick locking pistons, with 3 wrenches with double protection of steel mesh plate.
  • In addition, 4 movable locking pistons (2 laterally at the top and 2 laterally at the bottom) 20 mm thick.
  • 6 fixed pistons at the back of the door, 16 mm thick.
  • Controlled opening mechanism.
  • Perimeter sheathing, insulating, anticorrosive.
  • 180ο wide angle peephole.
  • Automatically adjustable airbag.
  • Bronze or inox handles.

Fire Resistant Security Doors REI 90’/120′ En-1634-1

  • Door leaf with double shielding made by electro galvanized metal sheet.
  • Closed-type case self-powered H/B RAL 9005 grayish black matt.
  • Heavy-type hinges, silent, adjustable.
  • CISA lock with 3 keys and easy combination change.
  • Sheet casing & internal installation of fire resistant materials.
  • Controlled opening mechanism.
  • Automatically adjustable windshield.
  • Perimeter hose, insulating, refute in the case.
  • Heat-inflatable tape surrounding.

Locking Points:

  • 4 Locking bolts centrally.
  • 1 Locking tongue piston.
  • 4 Pistons laterally up & down.
  • 1 Piston vertical up.
  • 1 Controlled opening pump.
  • 5 Pistons firmly back.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONSCisa exit lock for panic bar

DG THIRA LTD security doors are available with textures of your choice depending on colour and wood.